International Protest Against Police Brutality

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We are breaking the silence and using our voices to protest against police brutality, racism, fascism and xenophobia. In the face of a pandemic and the acts of irresponsible governments that shows no interest in protecting their citizens, we have to act on ways to reject authoritarianism. The powerful printed images of people killed by the police in the United States last year, placed on wooden posts planted in the ground, inspired us to act and to join forces to organize the International Protest Against Police Brutality on April 4th 2021.

The protest will take place online with participants from different countries around the world. To participate, please follow these instructions:

1-Build a cross made from wood or cardboard.

2-Choose a person from any place in the world who was killed by the police. Our protest is to honor those people, to remember their names and to bring awareness to the problem of police brutality and impunity.

3-After you choose the person you want to honor, print her/his picture in black and white on a 8x11 paper and place on the cross.

4-Take a picture of yourself holding in one hand, the cross, and in the other hand, a piece of paper with the name, city and country of the person in the picture.

5-Send the picture to but don’t publish it before the day of the event.

6-On April 4th 2021, we are using our social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, e-mail)to publish the pictures, always using the hashtag to be created in a future date.

7-Mark now this date on your calendar: April 4th 2021 we will protest against police brutality and governments that promote violence against their citizens. This is an important cause. Reserve the entire day of the event to participate. When we organize and work together, we can make an impact.

8-To culminate our world wide event, we will show a short documentary denouncing police brutality happening in many countries, containing all the pictures that were sent to us.

The list above contains the simple, easy but powerful steps that each of us will take to make our voices to be heard all around the world. Let’s multiply our efforts, bringing at least one more person to join our movement.

Coordinating the event is #EsquerdaCompraDaEsquerda, a movement with more than 125 mil members in 600 cities of 39 countries. Participants include social organizations, political parties, worker unions, religious leaders, human rights organizations, etc.

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